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Systemic family constellations in various forms

By working with systemic constellation, and accordingly, family constellations, sources - which often are the basic cause of traumatic conflicts - may be identified. An impulse towards a good solution can be set.

The work centres on the subconscious ('iceberg principle'). Working with Systemic Constellation, especially the invisible part of the game is (dis-)played. The unconsciousness acts in the same way in private counselling or constellations in groups (structural, organisational, symptomatic, family constellations): The healing is hidden in the UN-SEEN (shadow).

Each Constellation work of Family Constellation serves assistance and therapy

  • for clearings in relationships and burdens (parents, partners, children, friends, neighbours)
  • for solving conflicts (fears, traumata, addictions)
  • and it supports during change and desicion-making

Through a constellation you win:

  • clarity on your momentary position (failure - success; mortification - healing)
  • access to your still hidden abilities
  • courage to take new ways because you understand the background story
  • self-acceptance and happiness in life.
Familienaufstellungen in Wien : bringen Klarheit

I offer various types of constellation work

Family constellation

Over generations, the soul of a human being is deeply bonded with his/her ancestors. In unconscious loyalty, we take upon us their guilt and suffering. So we are caught up in concerns of our unknown family members. Their hidden love stories, half brothers and sisters, adoptions or marginalized "black sheep" of the family. 

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In Dialogue with the Inner Organs

To combine constellation work with body work, is the extended form of family constellation work. This way, Eastern and Western knowledge are being connected.

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Family Constellations in Individual Counselling

Profound sadness, feelings of homelessness, of disconnectedness, often accompanied by an overwhelming longing for death, indicate an experienced trauma in childhood.

In such cases, the work with the Inner Child becomes the main focus in the individual counselling in trance.

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Family constellation in a group

The advantage of the constellation in a group lies in the group members who mirror to us our own problems.

Unconsciously, family ties are affecting our personal environment as well as our professional life. 

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Gudrun is a certified Qi Gong teacher and naturopathy therapist living and working in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. Apart from Tao and Chi Nei Tsang, she has specialized in Family Constellations.

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