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What is Qigong about?


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"Moving Qigong" is the easier alternative. Simple movements change our breathing. The sequences are fast and easy to learn. The energy of life finds its way and harmonizes body, mind and emotions. 

"Silent Qigong" is considered a much higher art: There is no more movement. The mind leads the Qi and the vital energy penetrates into our body. The energy flows e.g. into our inner organs, into the spinal cord and into our brain. No sportive practice can achieve such an effect! With a concentrated mind, the healing energy finds its way to where it is most needed!

Why "Healing" Tao?

Taoism sees and honours the beauty of life. The art of healing is practice-oriented, as we know it from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), physical exercises (such as T'ai Chi, Wushu, massage, sexual teachings), meditation, nutrition science and philosophy.

The "Healing Tao" is a system of breath, mind and physical exercises with the main goal to heal yourself. Practitioners feel a growing vitality combined with inner harmony. By strengthening the body, the spirit is strengthened, too.

Buddhist Qigong (Son Ki-Kung, Sonmudo)

Breath is the bridge between body and mind, whether in calm or moving exercise. The movements are derived from various martial art sequences but they are performed very slowly which requires great balance and control. Differently to the taoistic Qigong, the Buddhists turn their toes slightly outward. The opening of the feet does not only open the heart but the whole body! Therefore, the energy flows even stronger from the earth through the perineum to the "third eye". This leads to deep insights. The exercises are accompanied by an emphasized chanting of "Om" (Aum).

Even Western science proved that deep singing of a vowel-consonant combination (as in "Amen") causes an inner healing vibration.

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