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These are testimonials from german speaking clients who have experienced online family constellations with Gudrun Graf. The clients appreciate Gudrun's skills, empathy, experience, and responsibility in conducting online therapy. They describe their positive experience with the online dashboard, which Gudrun explains very well. The clients also mention feeling comfortable and secure in their homes during the sessions. Despite their initial skepticism, the clients are impressed with the effectiveness of the online family constellations and report experiencing similar reactions in their bodies as in real-life constellations. They express gratitude for Gudrun's work and recommend her to others who are considering online family constellations.

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Read what others say about my work. Read my testimonialsGudrun G. Graf

Gudrun is a certified Qi Gong teacher and naturopathy therapist living and working in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. Apart from Tao and Chi Nei Tsang, she has specialized in Family Constellations.

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