The VIRGO-Woman

by Gudrun Graf (comments: 1)


On pictures the "Virgo" is often depicted in white, the colour of innocence. The symbol for not following just her Ego, but a Higher Power. The slowly developing goal in the life of the Virgo is reunion with her opposite principle of "Pisces": ratio meets chaos. Father and Mother. Then the separated principles of Yin and Yang are unified.

The Arrangement

After deeply considering its worth you have committed yourself. You can explain exactly why you feel drawn towards your husband. The brilliance that was surrounding your love is already fading since a while and the daily routine has taken over. This does not hinder you to dream though, between your little garden, responsibilities and your insurances. You remember that despite your inborn reticence you possess a cheeky mouth. Your recalcitrance is alluring and your irony, with whom you send lady-killers to despair, is legendary!
But you wanted an honest and decent man. Therefore your thoughts are drifting into the future. And in your fantasies not so honourable and decent men are showing up - but you are taking very well care off that nothing in your life is getting up side down and chaotic. You have arranged yourself - you can live with that and become old with it.

Rationality at the expense of being alive

The more intense your fears, the more biting your cynical tongue. It does not help you that you wish to be not guilty. Neither your opportunistic, nor your calculating, ideas are helpful to you. Your life carries a corset of rules and regulations. This stops you from breathing.

Father and Mother - unified within the child

Parents create bring various rules for their little Virgo girl child. Sometimes they even contradictory. It's all about values. Moral. About good and bad. And in the soul of the child everything is entered like in an accounting system. The effort to combine both will create on occasion excruciating inner conflict. If one part is openly lived, is the other one secretly hidden. (As in bulimia: for who is the daughter eating, for whom is she throwing up?) It takes a long time until the Virgo realizes that it is not her job to carry external blame. Permanently her hands are washed in innocence and each kind of accusation will be forcefully rejected, her own mistakes are denied.

Ancestors do not wish for interference. Nobody needs a victim. "If you would just start to live your own life" they whisper, "then we could start to begin dealing with our own stories and find peace"! But then den Virgo would become job less!

Wit and Intelligence

Do be able to breathe deeply again you have the following gifts: your inquisitiveness and your docility. When you use your power you work with the system. If you then become aware of your caring nature, you will also gain joie de vivre besides your wisdom!

Once you grow up then also courage is arriving on the scene; then you can say freely what you really think. You are the one that teaches all of us how learn out of mistakes! We learn from you how to discover our own tricks.

In this world full of loud and reckless people, can we use your calmness and your clarity very well! And as soon as you stop to break your head over absolutely nothing, you become cheeky and fun – and we love your soft smile!

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Comment by isabelle |

SO good to learn to breathe after letting go the "corset of rules and regulations", god it feels good!!! :)

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