The GEMINI-man

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His broad knowledge the Gemini man  nourishes through his youthful curiosity

Intuition weakend through logic

Since you always come up with a smart remark, it seems as if you have an answer to everything! And, if it is to your advantage, your air of knowing everything better can go on someones nerves even though you only try to mask your inner feeling of being inconsequential. You get nervous if you are not well versed around something and you feel quickly asinine. Thats why you make sure that you always "know everything". Since you do not always know why you actually know things you can appear superficial. In your opportunism unreliable. Since you embody in one person two crafty teenagers (boy and girl), you do not feel like a "real man". You feel rather like a neutral Being - an so identity becomes a problem for many a Gemini. 

Curiosity and diversion in love

Without appearing prim or uptight, your sensuality is missing its impetus. The erotic suspense within your relationship comes from you head. You are interested in women, you like being with them, but you do not desire them. Also here you are more of a talker, you do not want to miss anything and you expect to be entertained in bed. You are more of a fireworks rather than the fire. Having quick sex whilst admiring yourself in the mirror (or watching a video) you even manage to moan. You are the actor and the bystander at the same time. Is it surprising then that women find you fickle and shallow? A reward for being faithful you don't get.

In modesty let's grow our roots

You being non-committal has it roots in still being too ensnared in the issues of your family. Already as a boy you were aways in the middle of all the family "dramas", and avidly making an effort to keeping all of them together. If there was trouble you functioned as the lightning conductor and, if necessary, you did not hesitate to even face "Death" with your little childs fists. In your heart you are still trying to prevent family dramas and don't even realise how your on life seeps aways unlived. Only if you get out from the family dramas forever,  will you be free. Trust that all these grown ups are able to live their destiny. If you really face this challenge, you will lose on importance and the child within you becomes "jobless". To overcome this hurdle will help you to become more humble and finding your own rightful place. You may be less important - but you are free!

Strength out of the centre

Through spiritual discipline will you be able to develop a feeling for priorities and not getting lost anymore in your day-to-day stuff. Through meditation you will find peace and it will help you to "detox"  your thinking. In that way you can let go of the negative messages you are constanly sending to yourself, stops you from further fragmenting, and you may even become ready to acutally listen. If you stop looking for validation, accepting your life as it is, then you will start  feeling the effortlessness of the god "Hermes". Being lenient with yourself,  you then can also see your partner. You know about your role as intermediator, maybe as a catalyst, as a connector to your closest family members and last but least, between heaven and earth. We love your impish, wise smile!

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