The ARIES-man

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In each of us we find this primary energy. And those who look a bit shocked at the deployment of military- and police commandos will often be fast reminded of their "Inner Crocodile": Suffice a Doberman pincher runs free, a snapped parking place - and tempers are rising. Fast it comes to an angry arguing - with threats of punishment and prison. In this daily feud, we tend to forget that this often misjudged energy has another side, too: Initiative, courage and bravery. Here we may find our heroes and prophets - decoration and penitentiary - hand in hand.


The tires of your Golf GTI squeak in the turn while you think about which one of the ladies you will pick up today. Stone age still has its affect on you and you reduce them to sign stimulus: "hot bottom" and "tasty tits". Many times, this triggers an outrage of women. But their feelings are of no interest for you, for a very long time. You, true cheeky macho yourself, you fear to be taken as a fool. So war serves for your own security even in bed. You swear eternal faithfulness. After lightning victory, you stand up and leave. Solitary wolf, you meander, waiting for any kind of resistance. Calmness paralizes you. You only feel alive in crises.


One thing you have in common with the other zodiac signs of fire: An important position in the ancestry system. No, you don't sit it out , you don't accept fate like e.g. your friend, the Capricorn, does. Never! At the hour of your birth you have throw down the gauntlet to fate. You are a warrior and you lead a holy war! You only think good, want to help, change and save. It will take a long time until you will accept that you will collapse in front of a higher power. Than you will understand that anyone has his own fate - and you are only responsible for yours!


When spring arrives and the old patterns are conquered, it is time for you for a possible rebirth! In the thawing of feelings the layer of ice around reproaches and unfulfilled wishes will melt. Now you will hear the voice of the woman lying next to you. You will discover her admiration for you, her praise regarding your masculinity. Flattered, you will be able to relax and an ardent lover will emerge. You will be deeply moved from giving and taking. And the next day you will call!


As a matured man you will harvest what you had sown. Your way was not a convenient one. For a long time, there was only one thing for sure: the resentment of the others. In your straightforwardness you unmasked many men. You disturbed their harmony and their banality. In speaking out the truth, one is seen as a trouble maker. But it had been your duty to get rid of old ballast, to start from scratch and to be an outrider. You will have learned what it is really worth fighting for. Proudly you can say, you never do things by halves and you can stand your ground. Engaged, you follow your goals, solve conflicts and problems.

Without your intensity and your courage, spring would not be - nor a new beginning!

Welcome in life's round dance! 

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