The PISCES-woman

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The movie „Out of  Africa“ was shot for you: the story of an unfaithful lover, an unhappy marriage in a paradise-like country and the great love Karen finds in Denys (heartthrob Robert Redford). A love (what else would you expect from Pisces?) ending with the death of the lover.

Generous, caring, willing to make sacrifices

In this movie, we find all the Pisces topics: Men who are dishonest, neurotic, illusionistic and sometimes having problems with alcohol. The woman, however, is lonely, generous, caring and willing to make sacrifices. Inmidst of the African paradise we are talking about exclusion, the loneliness of people and – death. Because this is the biggest desire of Pisces: To drift off to the “Other World”!

Dreamfully being lost

You are just reading this, no worry - nobody discovers your lostness at once. You are well disguised with your conformity, you try to keep on working but at the same time you are unable to lie about your inner reluctance concerning life. You are drifting through life without an inner goal. And some men owe their adventure with you to your being so easy to seduce. You just cannot say “no”. All kinds of trouble seem to be magically attracted by you as you are a little blind as far as the dark side of people is concerned.

Comforting and sacrificing yourself, you believe in love. And you are not a woman for a one-night-stand but nevertheless (in your dreams) you are longing for a ‘lady killer’. A daredevil with whom you could loose – at the top of sexual ecstasy – your mind. But to make it sure that this never happens, you drift away as fast as possible. Becoming nearly invisible, you try it with those men with whom there is no realistic chance. Most of them have a relationship … with another woman, with alcohol, with god …

Robert Redford becomes a frog

And sometimes you seem to have found him, your ideal man. But soon he will be kissed by you into a frog. So you can keep on dreaming - with a deep feeling of having been betrayed. But it is yourself who is not straight. You don’t want to determine yourself. You want to keep on dreaming!

Missing motivation for your own life

Lost between two worlds, you are looking for a lost home, for a lost love. And you do not know that it is neither your homeland nor your lost lover you are longing for. Subconsciously, you are longing for a lost member of your family…

Your ancestors only want one thing: “Be happy!”


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