The LEO-man

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In fur and kilt or jeans, trench coat and Adidas, the "Highlander" as a superhero in the eponymous film sometimes appears on camera to be doomed, while rock band Queen, the legendary Mercury at the microphone, fuel the plot fast and furiously: "Here we are. Born to be kings. We're princes of the Universe". And everyone knows that Connor MacLeod, the Highlander, will win his battle for world supremacy again: You see: "There's only room for one!" Immortals have been controlling what happens on Earth for centuries and of course love doesn't get left out either: like Connor, every Leo man's best gift to the world is himself. Nobody can miss the fact that he's a very special person: not a copy, an original! Created to value himself highly, he fights for recognition and applause, he never forgets defeats.

Regardless of what (unacknowledged) victory you aspire towards - you want applause!

At first the Leo man takes his high self-esteem from his superiority over others, and it will be a long journey of development for him until he no longer uses his arrogant dominance and his talents for his own gain but to support others. Until he reaches that point, he will unscrupulously eliminate annoying competitors. The thing is, safe on his throne, comfy in the boss's chair at an impressively large company, or as a promising politician, it will be a long time before anyone gets close to his heart. It's more important to impress upon him to get something done (how many politicians have ever wanted to get something done for other people?) - to receive applause! 

EVERY ego's on a mission.... 

.... but not every man wants to take on world leadership. But how about winning the local downhill race, or being the best pigeon breeder? You'll come across him in the race for enlightenment as well, and in later years in the old folks' home, when what matters is which of the residents has the fattiest liver! "There's only room for one".

A tasselled tail behind the impressive lion's mane

What determines your masculinity is the way your father presented it. As you were growing up, for a long time you believed that you had been granted something special. That what you had from him wasn't enough or wasn't right. And one thing you knew for certain: without you, nothing's possible! 

Your family circumstances seemed to confirm that as well. Whether it was your parents, grandparents (or later your partner): without you they'd be lost! And so you couldn't grow up fast enough, so that you could take matters into your own hands. Your little kid's hands.

As a predator of royal blood you're a ladies' man

In the heat of the moment you believe that all women ought to strip off their clothes as soon as you turn up. You welcome playful subservience, and if the woman moans and screams, you know how great you are! And even in more mature years you don't balk at any extravagance, and sometimes you pay for your adventure. But according to your love letters, you must treat your victory with caution: once the chase is over, outer and inner beauty is soon taken for granted. And all you can do is hope that you don't come across someone who has "more"! On your search for a playmate whom you consider reflects your big personality, taking is a matter of course. Playing and having fun, without any variety it quickly becomes monotonous. Your refusal to question yourself deeply injures women's dignity. As a result your path becomes strewn with broken hearts over the decades (hundreds of them). One day you'll have to pay the price: loneliness and emptiness. But that doesn't interest you today

The Lionheart as an opportunity

It's only when you're ready to give your heart and not shirk when it comes to working on a relationship that love has a chance! But until you get to that stage, as is the case with all larger-than-life personalities, fate has to teach them that it can hold out longer! And from that point of childhood reconciliation with your father, where you found your roots, to the point of love, your heart will open up. Then you can laugh about yourself and give away your warmth and strength in a relaxed way. Then you're authentic - a natural authority with leadership qualities - you rule with dignity and humanity, in short, with your heart. You recognise your wife as a worthy partner, and we enjoy spending time in your company!

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