The ARIES-woman

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aries sky

Your vibrating impatience covers that your movements are rather angled than lithe. If someone gets in your way, he will get to know your behaviour which might not be appropriate. Your straightforwardness is uncomfortable. Unmasking, you disturb the harmony of your entourage. Who speaks out the truth, is perceived as a mischief.

Ladies' choice

Your charisma had its affect already in kinder garden and during adolescence, young men quiver in front of you. Your natural sex appeal  makes you experiencing without shyness. You are doing what you think is right. And men like your lack of tabus. Because calmness lames you, the wishes of your partner often remain unheard. You don't know recreation, you only feel alive in crises. Abstemiousness is not your style - although you keep on dreaming of poetic lovers. But your relationships usually do not last longer than the falling of a star: and again - there was no room for tender joy...

Your will against higher power

The Aries girl is soon aware of her importance in its ancestor's system. Like an Amazon, she fights fate!

First you want to save your family, than help your people, change the world and you only want to do good. It is a holy war which you lead.  And it will take a long time. But finally, you will have to admit that everyone has his/her own fate. That the power of your own will is to collapse in front of a higher power. Lakes could be filled with your unshed tears. A long time you don't show neither grief nor pain - tied, you lean back. This will be the time for you to understand that you "only" are responsible for your own fate. This will be the chance to get rid of old ballast and for a new beginning. It is called "to become adult".

In the thaw of feelings

The new beginning will let spring melt the layer of ice around your soul. And finally you are able to relax and to engage with your partner. By giving and taking you will be touched. You always will be a warrior -but a warrior who knows what it is really worth fighting for. A precursor who has the courage to start from scratch when old things are outdated. Committed and determined, you do nothing half. And your ancestors are proud of you!

Sunshine in your heart

our generosity gives all of us strength and your courage teaches us to always rise again. With your naturalness, you whip a smile into our hearts. Without your qualities there would be no spring, no new beginning! We welcome you, too, in the round dance of life!

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