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Seen from outside, you live for the moment, sometimes consciously unreasonable. You fear everything which could hold you and you fiddle a bit through your life. You have no bad intentions but you feel ashamed, whenever the world sees through your self-delusion before you do it yourself.

Yes, you are romantic but also a cynic. And - close to dominant women - in your limitless fantasies rise also pictures of lust matched with punishment. Hopelessly committed to love affairs, you do not despise mellow wisdom. Anyway, you have a taste for women you are unable to get. Because they are either married, or you are too far apart of age, or you fall in love with your therapist. And so we meet you at workshops, dreaming how devotedly you would get involved with a woman - if only the right one would finally appear!

The gift to see through the world

Where do we find the Inner Child of a Pisces man? Drifted away to angels, with fairies and dragons in Middle-Earth? No, the Pisces boy, too, is in his deepest self, faithfully bound with his family. Without knowing it, he stands on the graveyard of an ancestor - with one foot already inside the grave. And he does not want to leave. With this attitude, it is hard to live his own self. He hardly feels his own needs and looks at the world through a veil of fog. He is not interested in life. He does not want to wake up!

And so you have yourself stolen away. The world only has one opportunity to show you that you are still part of her: Suffering. And suffering teaches you to take responsibility. Responsibility of your own life. Life wants you to come back! You first have to take your life! Then, if you still want, you may abandon it. And your ancestors, they don't want your sacrifices. This is a big disillusion for you. But this is the only thing which can be of help to you. Look at it!

"What do you need"

The calm movie "Fisher King" succeeds in charming us. This film invites us into the world of Neptune, into a world full of stories and of myths. It reminds us of our quest for love, our nuttiness, fairies and dragons spitting fire. We meet the scary knight of reality. And we watch the confrontation between the lies of ordinary people and the joy of life and normality of belonging to the so-called "crazy ones".

Greed and fear in PISCES Man

On your way to self-consciousness you will encounter fate, the powerful Moirae, to secure your own share. They will awake in you a greedy longing to develop yourself. True is, it is your fear which makes you act. You hope, through enlightenment, through the knowledge of the invisible, to be able to escape the three sisters of destiny. But one day you will have to return to this lieu where you once had decided to escape. You, too, have to go back - walking through the shadow and face that you are so terribly afraid of.

But until then, you will try to be helpful to all others, to serve and suffer with all people. You will be fighting your errors, covering them, denying them - until you will realize that there is nothing more real than your soul! And your soul will ask: "What (whom) you are missing?" And your fear will be lovingly smiling at you...

Altruism, Surrender and Spirituality You unconsciously have a direct access to the realm of the death. This makes you highly spiritual and subtle in your feelings. You are aware of each lie in this imperfect world. Inner trust in a higher power will bring you peace in the end. You teach us to dissolve rationality. You show us the truth behind.

If you look at your life, you should be aware of the gifts given to you. You have no desire. People always want something and do not get it. You want nothing and that is why sometimes you get it all!

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