Money and family ties

Money and family ties

This loyalty determines our relationship with money: children from wealthy families will always have access to money even in times of financial loss, while those from less wealthy families may face scarcity for various reasons.

Some reasons from the family system for problems in handling money can include:

Burden of the parents (the mother, the father had it so hard) Loss of home Inheritance disputes Betrayal Theft

As a result, descendants may feel weakness, shame, or guilt. They may also develop a defensive and mistrustful attitude towards gifts (what does this person want from me...). Inner, unconscious beliefs keep us bound:

I am not good enough I am helpless and worthless There is no joy or success for me I am incapable This always happens to me

The unhappier people were in our family, the poorer the descendants are. Being wealthy can then feel like betrayal to the soul.

Health and wealth

The good news is that we can set boundaries with the fate of our ancestors: we distance ourselves - we do not kill, we distance ourselves from feuds, fraud, etc. (I do not cheat).

Our body, which expresses all our feelings, can then relax, and a sense of well-being arises. This may not happen overnight, but a good support would surely be becoming aware through systemic constellations (awareness) or Somatic Experiencing (body) to let go of old issues, find and strengthen inner resources!

Thus, we have consciously taken responsibility for this part of our lives and can slowly allow abundance to come to us and accept it! The path to prosperity is through learning in our life to receive!

Then we can also give happily. It should be balanced. That is happiness.

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